Question Mouse jumping, skipping pixels while moving it slowly in Windows and in games after formatting the PC

Oct 18, 2020
0 it feels like my mouse is working on a different resolution than my actual screen, and it moves noticably pixelated. Issue is more visible in slow-paced story games since i move my mouse slowly to look around and it causes blur in the background in games as well. Windows is freshly installed.Everything is updated and there are no latency issues present. mouse drivers are disabled, activated, deleted and downloaded again as well as usb ports, no solution. Also tried with 2 different mouses ( glorious model -o {because no driver} and razer deathadder elite) which both works fine on a different computer, as well as my current mouse (razer viper ultimate {using wireless but when i use it wired it makes no difference}). In Games mouse movement causes blur and before people say that's how leds or lcds work, it's not. This started happening after reinstalling windows.

gameplay video is on Reddit link. Any help would be appreciated.

Speccy Pc Specs
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