Mouse & Keyboard stop working at Windows 7 installation screen


Jul 8, 2013
Hi all, recently i built a new system with an ASUS ROG STRIX X370-F GAMING Motherboard, a Ryzen 1700 cup and G.SKILL Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200, Corsair Builder Series 600w and moved over my Gigabyte Radeon hd 7950 gpu and a Thermaltake commander snow edition. Everything booted up fine until I got to the Windows logo animation and both my mouse and keyboard turned off as it loaded into the Windows 7 installation screen. I've read in many similar posts on here saying that it's because the Windows 7 installation doesn't work with usb 3.0 so I checked and both my mouse and keyboard were in the usb 2.0 ports coming from the motherboard. I'm at a loss for what to do at this point. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks.


Aug 3, 2017
I had this issue in advanced startup and was able to work around by connecting the mouse and keyboard to the ports which are together with the PS/2 port.

You need to google a little bit more about it, Ryzen and latest Intel boards have been made to "prevent" people from installing windows 7 by blocking the USB ports (even 2.0) on their systems during installation.

With Ryzen people has been using different solutions depending on the mobo, some have been successful by simply using a PS2 KB/mouse during installation, others had to slipstream the appropriate USB drivers onto the Windows installation DVD/usb drive, others used the windows 7 installation tool added in their mobo DVD following the instructions provided in the mobo's website/manual.

Try googling more specifically with your mobo model to find out which one is the easiest method you can use to get Windows 7 running in your pc.

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