Jan 18, 2018
Im on windows 10 and the mouse I'm having issues with is the Razer Deathadder elite. Whats happening is whenever I try move the mouse in any direction it suddenly stops, lags or feels like it gets stuck in mud. The mouse moves fine on my wooden desk but not on mouse mats I've tried 2 mouse mats which didn't help. Whenever I restart my computer the mouse acts normal when Im in the lock screen which I find very weird but then eventually goes bad after logging in. This is really frustrating me and I'd love to have an awnser.

try and uninstall whatever driver and/or app you have running that's from Razer - if the mouse works correctly before you log in, it may be a software issue.
If removing Razer's driver solves your problem, you may want to look up for an updated driver from Razer's website and install it. If it still screws up, see if the driver includes resetting all parameters for the mouse to factory defaults - you may simply have screwed up the sensor's settings.