Question Mouse recommendations with extra mouse buttons (m4, m5, etc.)?

Jan 12, 2020
Hi there all!

A friend of mine knew I was looking for a mouse that had some extra side buttons to use while gaming. The mouse we got (Redragon Impact) has 12 side buttons, which I really like, but the buttons only function as my keyboard shortcuts or macros. Still really nice but not exactly what I was looking for. I've been trying to find a mouse that has extra side buttons which function as dedicated mouse buttons (or at least ones that can be made that way). So rather than being 1 to + on my keyboard they would be mouse 4, mouse 5, and so on.

Mainly looking for that as I can bind those as new keys over already using my keyboard keys.

Thank you ahead of time for any responses.
There used to be a program to let you do this on Logitech mice, but I dunno if it still works. It was last updated 5 years ago, and the guy maintaining it says he isn't updating it until his mouse dies and he needs to get a newer one.

I'm kinda surprised the mouse manufacturers don't it themselves, as it could be useful for amputees and people with problems with certain fingers.
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Addendum: I finally updated the software on my Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse. The newer Logitech Gaming Software allows you to remap any mouse function to any button. So if I want to use thumb button 3 as my middle mouse click, I can. I would imagine it works for any Logitech gaming mouse, since they all use LGS. Assigning keystrokes to mouse buttons is also supported (I assign buttons as ctrl+w to close browser tabs, and page up/down, home, and end for navigation).