Question Mouse sticking in games with new monitor

Aug 26, 2021
System details:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 core 3.60Ghz
GE Force 3070
32 GB Klevv Ram
Windows 10
Dell Alienware aw2521hfl 240hz
Logitech G203 Lightsync mouse

I got a new monitor today (details above) and suddenly my mouse (details above) is sticking whenever I try to play games. It will move around the screen perfectly fine for a few seconds, then freeze along with the frame for a second, then it will jump to a new frame. I thought this was only one game at first, but it's happening with all games that require any kind of FPS, even old ones (e.g. 7 Days to Die, Shadow of Mordor etc.). All my drivers are up-to-date, I have tried graphics settings from potato to fantastic, changed the DPI on the mouse and still the issue persists. The mouse moves perfectly normally if I'm not playing games! Any help would be greatly appreciated!