Question Mouse stopped working randomly when external drive was connected

Ishit Arya

Feb 27, 2014
My case is NZXT H500 and its front USB port never works properly, it's not just my case issue because I've seen other people who own this case having same problem. One of my front USB port randomly disconnect external drive after 5 mins and second one just keep on connecting and disconnecting the same drive over and over until I physically disconnect it.

The problem started when I connected my external SSD in second USB port which as I mentioned above just reconnect drive over and over without knowing and left my PC for few mins. When I came back I finally noticed that I connected drive in wrong USB port but it was too late, my mouse stopped working because of it.

My mouse is Logitech G502 and its RGB were working fine but there was no mouse input, luckily my keyboard was working and so I restarted my PC which fixed mouse input issue but now i'm worried that this incident somehow damaged my motherboard in some way.

Why would rear USB ports just stop working for short period of time. I wonder if my motherboard was trying to protect itself from something potentially causing a power surge (maybe? I'm not sure)

Currently I've tested all of my rear USB ports and they seems to be working without an issue but I haven't done any data transfer speed test. Should I test data transfer speed just in case to check whether they slowed down or not? Does USB behave that way or it just stops completely if there's any damage?