Question Mouse stutter issues: ONLY in game

Dec 17, 2019
I have been having consistent issues with mouse stutter while in game. While aiming around the mouse will suddenly stop, as if I stopped moving the mouse. A second or two later it will snap to where it should be and act normally for a minute or two. Then repeat. I thought this was a mouse specific issue but I have used multiple mice and they all act the same. I eventually learned that this also occurs only in games. Not even menus, only in matches. The severity of the issue varies game to game. I also noticed that it also is USUALLY triggered by mouse liftoff. Not always, sometimes it happens without lifting off and sometimes it doesn't happen if I lift off.

The FPS of the game is usually never affected. It is not a ram issue or a temperature issue, I have monitored those when it occurred.

Solutions already tried:
-Change monitor scaling
-change game priority
-Clear standby memory (make a task to do this every 5 mins)
-Uninstall and reinstall all drivers (corsair, mouse, usb controller, update all drivers etc)
-Turn power management of usb devices off
-Change usb controller (different usb port as well)
-Different mice
-Different graphics settings
-Windows updates, fresh windows install
-Corsair mouse settings (lift off height, calibration, uninstall, driver update etc)
-NVidia updates, drivers, reinstall etc.

I believe this started either after a NVIDIA update or a windows update but I do not know for sure.

Dell G7 Laptop
Intel i7 8750h
16 GB - DDR4
GTX 1060
Mouse: Corsair Sabre