Question Mouse stuttering while gaming


Feb 4, 2019

There's a strange issue I've been experiencing for a while.

During gaming my mouse stutters. Like it freezes for a second and then teleports to the thing I'm pointing. It mostly only happens while I'm gaming and try to do something else in the meantime, like browsing or googling.
Any ideas?
Aug 10, 2020
For the people how has issues with report/polling rate or mouse lags. this might sound funny but the reason behind that is not your mouse, there could be multiple reasons behind it.
I have spent like 5 hours working out the problem and found multiple reasons.
here is how to find yours.
1.restart your pc, and keep track of time.
-open task scheduler and leave it open
- open a game as fast as possible and make sure that an fps checker is displayed at the top
-enter the game (in full screen) and move your mouse (with desired polling/refresh rate).
- you will notice that there is no lag at all, continue moving your mouse, be patient for a maximum of 5 minutes.
if no lag happens, alt-tab of the game, and get back, if still, nothing, go do anything but keep the game running, then come back, eventually you will find lag when moving the mouse.
-go to the task scheduler and find the scheduled task/s that started around the time the lag happened and(under ''last run time'') disable or delete the tasks,
restart your pc again, and do the same steps until you find the more or none problematic task.

2.this one is the most unexpected reason at its that MSI afterburner is running.
if MSI afterburner startup with no overclocking then closes it, you should find that the problem is gone.
(i think this has to do with Riva tuner statistic server).

3. open task manager and search for a suspicious task and delete them. startup manager and close the startups you don't need.

hope it helps and please report if it works or helps.