Dec 10, 2002
I have a .mov on my system that will play on a Mac, but not on a PC. I've tried it on various Windows machines, various Quicktime versions, and I have tons of codecs. The error I get when trying to open it in quicktime is "Error - 2048: the file is not a movie file" Trying to open it in Media Player Classic tells me it cannot render it. I also cannot convert it to another format. VirtualDub, among other converters, won't pick it up. I can't tell you the Mac version is plays on, but I am confident it is at least a year or two old. If anyone has a solution for me that would allow this to be played on a PC/Windows machine, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.


Welcome to the Mac vs PC world.
It was probably made by an old version of Imovie or something that isnt compatible with a pc. If you have access to a mac try remaking it with a newer version of Imovie.
I run into the 'works on one but not the other' problem all the time.