Move from patch panel to switch


Mar 21, 2012
Hello - I currently have the following set up in my basement: Modem to 8 port router which has cables going into a patch panel which in turn provides internet access at 8 wall outlets throughout the house. My data/video streaming needs are expanding and I have had additional wiring pulled to the new locations. I would like to know if I can bypass the patch panel and go from the Modem to a 24 port switch to individual wall plates throughout the house.
the sort answer is NO you still need to use the router.

you will need to connect the 24port switch to the router which should be connected to your modem.

your ISP only assigns one IP to your modem; therefore, if you would connect the switch directly to the modem, you would only able to use ONE device.

using a Gigabit switch will improve the streaming and file sharing between your devices.

the switch will not necessarily improve the streaming from the internet since your internet speed is controlled by your ISP.