Moved modem and router, nothing is working.


Apr 5, 2012
I recently moved my modem and router from the main level to the basement. I know I hooked everything in just like it was upstairs, just different cable and telephone ports. Ever since, the internet fluxuates, comes on for an hour, the doesn't work. My landline also does not receive calls or have a dial tone. I have Comcast for all my services. Please help


Why the basement? Most consumer grade routers come with omnidirectional antennas. This means it is radiating wireless signal in all directions. My recommendation would be to move your access point to the middle most part of your home for the best signal.

Secondly depending on how many splitters you put in your cable line could be loosing signal strength as it travels down to the basement. When Comcast sets up a their devices they adjust the signal strength accordingly to the device location. So sometimes moving your device like your modem further down the cable line food chain can lead to it not receiving a high enough signal boost leading to dropped connection.