Moved or copied files locked by system


Jan 18, 2005
Hey all,
Recently i've run chkdsk on my main drive because of a bluescreen at boot time. That fixed the problem but now randomly when moving or copying a file (hdd to hdd or cd to hdd) windows seems to lock the file and deny me access to it. Even administrator account can't access it. I've managed to get around this by allowing full control to my normal account via the security tab but I wanted to know if any one had run into this problem before and does anyone know how to stop windows from locking the file in the first place?


Depends on what files are being locked? Certain files will get locked. Instead of trying to bypass it, use the xcopy feature with a switch.

xcopy will make a copy of a locked file without needing full access to it.

xcopy /? from a dos screen.