Question Moved to a new house and the lighting sucks in the room. What's best for your eyes? More light? Less light? Where should the light be?


Aug 13, 2013
After moving, I realized that the light I had before was great. I had a light right above me and felt no strain with my eyes (I'm not sure if it's good or not, I just know it didn't FEEL strained). Unfortunately, this new house doesn't have the same light locations.

I'm curious what's best for your eyes.

A light behind the monitor? A light to the side shining down on your workstation? Dim lights? More lights?
I use this monitor light bar, it comes with remote control and dual LEDs (yellow and white) so you can adjust the lighting temperature on the fly.


Math Geek

I prefer light above and/or behind me.

Above seems best to me personally. But behind and to the side works if I can't mount a light above me.

Overall it's personal preference really.

I also use the new led bulbs so you can actually produce some light. Bigger the lumins # brighter it is. The kelvin # is the light color. Higher the number the more white it is. Lower # is more bluish and "cooler" colors

Again personal preference or eye needs but I use high lumins a bright white bulbs.