Movies on same HDD as my media player any faster?


Feb 4, 2012
I have three HDD's in my PC and one of them is going to be just for movies...

My question is, I want to know if installing the movie players such VLC player, Media Player ect on the same HDD as the movies would be any different to if the movie player I use are installed on another drive in my system. I ask this as I am wondering if it would make any difference efficiency/speed wise?

One of many noob questions you will be getting from me over now I am a member :)
No, it won't matter. Once you have the video player running, it should hardly be accessing its own data on the hard drive. Everything it needs should be in RAM, so the HDD will be free to keep accessing the movie. It wouldn't matter in any case: it's easy for any hard drive to transfer a video's data at slightly faster than 1x, the actual playback speed, regardless of what it's doing. That's not a lot of data.