Moving a Mac Hard drive to NTFS system...

Feb 10, 2019
So I purchased a 320gb Hitachi 2" drive to use as as secondary file storage for an older HP Pavilion DV9000 lap top and when it arrived I found it had been pulled from an Apple system. (Pay attention to the details when ordering off E-Bay). After installing the drive Windows 7 would not recognize it and would not let me do anything with the drive because it wasn't an NTFS drive. The bios recognized it but that was about as far as it would go. Not really finding much info about this type of thing on the net I decided to go backwards a bit. I stuck the drive in temporarily as the primary and used a full install version of Windows 98 SE (because it supports large hard drive formatting) and allowed the system to format the disk. After it was done I just cancelled the install process, moved the drive back to the secondary location, popped the primary back in and viola!!! A bit unorthodox I know but it worked and I didn't have to download a bunch of stuff from the net or buy third party software to get the job done. My question is... if anyone knows an easier way to do this kind of hardware conversion I'd love to hear about it for future reference... Thanks