Question Moving hard drive to new pc

Sep 28, 2019
Hi, on my hard drive currently I have a massive database with data stretching back about 5 years through an app called proform.

I am installing win10 onto a new nvme ssd and want to plug the hard drive with the database into the PC and access it as I usually do.

However in the past, mainly with games when I have plugged the HDD into a new PC they don't tend to work as expected, and don't want this to happen with my years of hard work.

Could anyone assist in how I can plug the hard drive into my new PC and access the proform app and data in it as normal.



Power down. Unplug both of the existing HDD power and data cables. Install your SSD, M.2 or SATA. If SATA install it on the lowest numbered SATA port, e.g 0 or 1. Do your Win 10 install and install all of the updates, drivers, etc. Keep working at it until you get a clean reboot and make sure the BIOS is set up correctly to boot from the SSD. Install your proform DB software on the SSD.

Power down again. Install your existing HDD power and data cables. If SATA, connect data cable to lowest numbered SATA port. Power up and configure proform to access the data from the new location.

Reboot and you should be good to go.