Question Moving in with gf, ran speed test of her and my current wifi to compare, whose is better?

Jul 26, 2020
Hi guys,

I'm moving in to my girlfriend's apartment in September, so we wanted to figure out whose wifi plan to keep. I assumed running a speed test on both of our networks, using the same Windows 10 laptop, would be the best way to determine this.

After running both our results were the following, with mine listed first and hers listed second:

Download speed: 88 megabits/second vs 114
Upload speed: 11 megabits/second vs 6
Latency: 11ms vs 35

Is it pretty much a wash? Looking online, it seems like her upload speed may be the bigger concern over my slower download speed.

In terms of usage, other than normal browsing etc I do have to do a lot of skype and zoom calls because of my job, as well as I may do some streaming for a hobby of mine.

I didn't include the laptop make/model etc since it seems like this should be moot since I am using the same computer when testing the speed, but let me know if more information is needed.

Not sure why you call it "Wifi plan". If this is mobile broadband the results will likely vary based on time of day depending on where people are. Some cell towers get very slow if they are say near a large road during rush though.

If you mean actual wifi then you need to retest using a ethernet connection to see what the actual potential is. Apartments are extremely bad for wifi there are so many people living close together and lately everyone is putting in the mesh garbage so now there are mulitple signals coming out of everyone house.

In the end you can do little about it, the performance will be what it is and if you can not get a different ISP then you are stuck

Many people especially those who work from home tend to look for apartments based on how good the internet service is. Kinda like other people that choose based on how close to their work location it is.