Moving into apartment, need networking help!!


Nov 17, 2009
Hey all,

So, next semester in college I will have an apartment. I need internet! Since we all want wired as well as wireless internet, we need a modem and a wireless router correct? Or are there devices that are an "all-in-one" that I can plug the cable jack into that will output wireless internet as well as have some ethernet ports I can plug into? I'm assuming there is no such device, so here, I picked out this wireless router.

However, now I need a modem that I can plug the cable jack into. Can someone please suggest one to me that is under $50?

Thank you all very much!


so it seems you have a budget of about $100

I saw you chose old faithful WRT54GL, here are some N-routers to choose from

what are the modem requirement of the ISP? DOCSIS 2.0 or DOCSIS 3.0

DOCSIS 2.0 is about $55

DOCSIS 3.0 is about $88

there are all-in-one modem/router but I had nothing but problems with those