Question Moving my modem to another room. Apartment.

Apr 12, 2021
I am trying to move my modem to another room in my apartment. I have spectrum as my provider and I have located my coaxial junction box. I was able to locate which cables went to which rooms, however when I try to hookup the modem in another room my modem gets stuck in "send" portion of the test. I see that spectrum has placed a Male to Male adapter on the coaxial that my internet is currently sitting at. I am not trying to pay 50 plus dollars on a job that I can myself. Any thoughts?
Not sure what you are asking.

I assume you moved the black connector and connected it between the internet and the new room you want the modem in.

It should be that simple. That connector likely is just a waterproof connection, it may also have a filter in it to prevent signals like moca or other stuff from being send back into the ISP network.

If it does not work you have to suspect there is something wrong with the cable going to the new room.


That looks like a standard coupler with weather seals. If it had a passive filter, it would be a little longer.

As bill said, either something is wrong with the cable itself or most likely the termination is bad. Check the wall plate see if it's terminated correctly on the back side, you might need to reterminate the ends.