Question Moving Win 10 to a SSD

Feb 20, 2020
I currently have a 1TB HD. I want to move just Win 10 to a separate SSD. I have bought an SSD already and wanted some suggestions or advice on how to move Win 10 and leave everything else on the HD. I never done this before and new to all this. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Nov 12, 2019
It will bug you constantly to activate it, until you do. Both of my copies of Windows have been upgrades from OEM versions of Windows 7.

I know how you feel confused as you often read about people having Windows on an SSD and they're files on an HDD, that is, however, as said, for fresh installs.

I don't know what is taking up most of you're space, tbh. I've got a 500gb and I'm only using 150 gig including the OS. And I've got music, games and videos.

Once you get you're HDD down to at least 240gb, you can use a disk image tool to image it to the SSD. I used Acronis disk image for mine.
Ok, I am trying to see if I can get the key from the person I got the computer from. If I can't then I will just do the unactivated Win 10.
If you have windows 10 activated on your pc now, then you can reinstall it on same pc as many times as you want (same edition Home/Pro only).
Skip step, where key is asked. Your windows will activate automatically once you connect to internet.