Moving windows from my old HDD to my new ssd

Hi there Mangoo1337,

You have a couple of options.
You can either perform a clean OS install or you can clone the HDD onto the SSD.
What is the HDD size?

Most of the HDD/SSD manufacturers have their own testing tools. You can use one of these.
Alternatively, you can use some third party cloning tool:

Let me know in case you have some more questions,
D_Know_WD :)


download the Windows 10 media creation tool and use it to make a win 10 installer on USB
change bios to boot from usb first, ssd second

follow this guide to clean install:

when you reach part of nstaller asking for a licence, click "I don't have a key" and win 10 should auto activate itself since you had win 10 on PC already.

note: remove hdd before running installer as win 10 will just want to install on it instead.


If you have 129GB used on your current drive, and a 240GB SSD, cloning is a viable option.
Download and install Macrium Reflect (or Samsung Data Migration, if a Samsung SSD)
Power off
Disconnect ALL drives except the current C and the new SSD
Power up
Run the Macrium Reflect (or Samsung Data Migration)
Select ALL the partitions on the existing C drive
Click the 'Clone' button
Wait until it is done
When it finishes, power off
Disconnect ALL drives except for the new SSD
Swap the SATA cables around so that the new drive is connected to the same SATA port as the old drive
Power up, and verify the BIOS boot order
If good, continue the power up

It should boot from the new drive, just like the old drive.
Maybe reboot a time or two, just to make sure.

If it works, and it should, all is good.

Later, reconnect the old drive and wipe as necessary.
Delete the original boot partitions, here:


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