Question MPC-HC won't enter Exclusive mode


Apr 21, 2014
As of 4 days ago(tuesday) my MPC-HC won't go into exclusive mode when going full screen. on tuesday i got a new 32'' Viewsonic VX3211-4K-MHD monitor, i plugged it up and started using it. i started playing some favorite videos/films/TV from 480p quality to 4K HDR and it goes full screen on my MPC-HC, but no matter what i play it doesn't go into exclusive mode when entering full screen. any ideas anybody?

also, at first, no video wanted to even go to full screen, only the sound remained playing but the screen was just black. i decided to uninstall the k-lite-codec-pack along with mpc-hc and madvr. then i went here and installed this standard pack which already has MPC-HC, madvr and
LAV filters in it. during installation i also selected madvr as the video renderer. after this i also updated my GPU Sapphire RX 480 4GB drivers to the newest. now after doing this, every single video in any quality from 480p to 4K HDR goes normally to full screen in my MPC-HC, BUT, no one goes to Exclusive mode. please can someone help me.

it's so frustrating because for years and years it worked without one problem, now just all of a sudden Exclusive mode doesn't want to work, maybe it's my fault or maybe it's something else, i just don't know. if someone wants or knows how to help i can provide any information you'd want, just please ask.😑