Question Mpg X570 Gaming Plus sata clearance issue?


May 12, 2016
So, I was not sure if I should put this in the MoBo side or GPU side of the forum, so I said screw it, try here.

So, I've had an MSI MPG x570 Gaming Plus board for a few years now, and have noticed no problem. Well I just took the plunge and bought a new graphics card (was running an evga 1080 ti hybrid and going to a evga 3080)

When I was tearing down my computer to get ready for the card to show up tomorrow, I noticed that my gpu was not fully seated, thought it was odd and tried to put it in, make sure everything was okay. As I tried to push it in, I noticed that the 5 and 6 sata ports were stopping it from seating all the way. I tried it on the Pcie slot below, and it clicked just fine. Tried it again in the top pcie, and again, the sata slot is at the same height, causing the card to not seat all the way.

Now, this is where my question comes in, has anyone else had this problem before? If so, other than buying a new mobo, any fixes?

Otherwise, would I be fine running my 3080 in the slot below?

Thanks in advance!!