Question MPG Z390 ezdebug cpu light flashing

Jan 13, 2020
I recently tried putting together a pc with a Mpg z390 gaming plus mobo, intel i7-9700, 16 gb corsair vengeance ram, and a geforce rtx 2070 super.

The board has an ezdebug led system and the cpu light continuously flashes on and off. The fans also spin once when the light flicks.

I’m sure everything is plugged in but I can’t seem to figure anything out. I even got a new cpu in case that was the issue


Oct 10, 2017
Okay I’ll see if I can get my hands on an older cpu, any other suggestions?
I'm not an expert, but many people here are. I do know that some intel motherboards allow you to update the bios without the cpu even installed.... just the board, power supply and a usb stick. I would recommend starting a new post in motherboards asking if your board has that feature... someone smart will probably know. As for buying a cpu just to update the bios, I wouldn't necessarily recommend that, simply because there are no guarantees that is your problem... It may be a faulty component, although that is relatively rare. If your board doesn't support the cpu-less update, it may be cheaper to take the board to a computer shop and let them update the bios rather than purchasing a throw away cpu... Again, I'm no expert, so hopefully someone good will chime in with proper advice!! Good luck!
This board doesn´t have the feature, which is called "BIOS flashback" or similar.
On MSI boards with this feature it would work like this (extra flash button)

If you are lucky, a shop won´t charge you for a BIOS update. If you are not so lucky, most shops will take about the same money a CPU will cost. If you are using amazon, you can send the CPU back. Not my preferred way, but well, maybe the cheapest one. Where did you buy the motherboard from?
Maybe there you can update the BIOS as well.

Some other thoughts:
Is the ATX 8pin power connector plugged into the motherboard as well?

Is the RAM plugged into Dimm slot A2 for a single stick or A2 and B2 for two sticks?

Did you check the socket pins yet?
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