Mri hard drive diagnostic


Jun 7, 2012
Hello, I have western digital 24300 hd that I would like to try and recover data from. I quit using this drive when I lost access and an error message said to contact support for adaptec controller.The os on it is win 98 se.


May 24, 2012
I have had an old hard drive with Win98 on it that self destructed. And I recovered data from it by hooking it up, as a slave,
to another hard drive that also has WIN98 on it and copied the data I wanted. Then I used floppy disks to transfer the data I copied from the dying hard drive to a newer computer that is equipped with Windows XP. And from there I can now move it to my latest computer or whatever.

I believe a similar approach should allow you, or anyone else with a old dying hard drive to recover data.
Now you might not have another hard drive with Windows 98 that will work. But if you check out a pawn shop you might find one, or else try your friend's basement.

I hope this helps. good luck.