Question MSATA mounting problems

Jun 24, 2019
I have a Gigabyte P25K laptop, (and I apologize if this is too much info, especially for a SSD ??..this is my 1st post here and couldn't find any I went with caution and figured better to list and not need it..etc)

Win 7

i7 (2.4GHz)

8/16GB x2 DDRIIIL 1600


When I got it it had a single 1TB HDD, but the P25k has 3 total HDD slots. (1) 3.5 SATA and (2) MSATA. When I updated to SSD, I cloned my partioned HDD;

C: 100gb system drive

D: 260gbish data drive

on to a 500gb Samsung 860 EVO MSATA and since I was in there on the SATA cable I installed a crucial mx500 500gb as an additional data drive, M:/ Data. I have done some house keeping such as partion resizing but the system is just as described other than partion sizes etc...


Now to my question...the 2 MSATA mounting slots are stacked on top of each other BUT the bottom is offset by 1 cm , making the bottom longer from the pins. This means there is no way to install 2 MSATA drives lower them down into position and hold them there with installed screws. (OmG I hope that makes sense)

1. Does anyone have any experience a setup as described and know how both drives can be mounted?

2 How about any work arounds to make a MSATA mounting holes 1cm further away from the pins???

I want to buy and use another MSATA since they are so light weight and small and I think that they are going to be disappearing and be even harder to acquire than they are now... so I would like to get another one before they are gone or the price is effected even more than it is now due to supply/demand.

Thank you in advance for your interest.
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