Question MsConfig - Automatically changing to Safe Mode after enabling Normal Start

Jul 22, 2020
So I was in MsConfig and wanted to enable Normal Start, after I did that and got to the Boot Page I saw that Safe Mode was enabled, after that I disabled it and got to General again, after that I saw that Custom Systemstart was enabled again, I tried to enable the third option, but after that it just switches to Normal Start and the same thing happens.
Could someone help me?

Edit: And I saw this at Advanced Boot Options
is everything normal there?
Jul 22, 2020
In the "Type here to search box" enter System Configuration

Run as Administrator.

Select the second tab "Boot"

Check the boot options. If Safe boot is checked, uncheck, and Apply.
Did you even read what I wrote? When I disable it, it automatically enables it again, as I said, I just want to enable the Normal Boot mode


Yes. However, I was not certain about the screens/windows being presented and "Apply" is often overlooked.

You used "Method 1" per the following link:

Take a look at "Method 2" involving bcdedit.


If Method 2 is unsuccessful that suggests that there is some other application, utility, or configuration setting somewhere that, for whatever reasons, is toggling your "Normal" selection back.

Look in two places: 1)Task Manager > Startup tab and 2) Task Scheduler.

The objective being to look for and discover something that is not expected or directly recognized.

Task Manager is straightforward - hopefully not too much in the Start-up Tab and you can work through that quickly.

Task Scheduler is much more complicated and cumbersome. You will be looking for a task with possible multiple triggers. In other words reverses your Normal back to Safe Mode no matter what the system does.

Process Explorer is another tool that may help discover the source of the automatic change. You may need to download Process Explorer via Microsoft's website.

"Custom System Start" would be words of interest. No need to make any immediate changes or download some utility or app claiming to fix the problem.

See what you can find and post accordingly.