MSI 1080ti SEAHAWK X failure (absurd story)

Dec 30, 2018
Hello everyone, I have a quick question.

So my story is a little absurd. 1 Month ago, I bought a 1080ti Seahawk X. Works perfectly fine still to this day. Barely goes past 60C under full load with 2000 on Core and 6000 on Memory.

Now yesterday I had the brilliant idea of going SLI. I found another 1080ti Seahawk X on Craigslist and purchased it. Reverted my OC to stock, reinstalled drivers, configured SLI properly. Launch COD black ops 4, first card (card I already had) 52C, second card (card I bought yesterday) 93C in the LOBBY of the game.

I decided to test the card alone. Uninstall drivers with Driver cleaner, unplug my card (the one working fine), leave only the new card in. Reinstall drivers open COD and same thing 90C +...

Si I called the seller and he was kind enough and took the card back and gave me my money.

Here is where the story gets twisted. Same night I find another add on craigslist for another 1080ti Seahawk X from a different seller across town. I purchase it and repeat same steps as I did with the first card I bought.

Guess what? Same problem but a little less extreme.....

- My card (one I already had) runs around 50C and usage is around 50-60% (screens are plugged in this card)

- 2nd New card runs at 82-83C and highest I've seen is 87C with around 10-15% more load than the first card.

My card (one that works) is the top one. So that one should be the hottest one as these cards don't push air out with the VRAM fan, they pull air in. There is a 30C difference between the two cards

That new card standalone testing was running between 75-78C in black ops 4.

Now I know some people might say "it is normal running temps for a 1080ti". It's not for a AIO hybrid though.

At first, I though Thermal paste might be the issue. I took the card apart (voiding the warranty...) and replied AS5 paste. No difference whatsoever.

I want to precise that idle with nothing running :

My card (one that works) sits at 32C

2nd card (one with issues) sits at 29C

Now my other guess (I don't see any other options)the pump is the issue.... I checked to buy the Corsair h55 and remplace the pump but realised the tubing exit won't fit. On the MSI the tubing is straight (on the cooling plate) while on the "commercial" Corsair h55 it's at a 90 degrees angle...

What are my options here? Does MSI sell replacement pumps? I am guessing they won't RMA the card since I broke that "do not remove sticker". Even if they do, I don't really want to wait that long for the RMA... I'd rather just buy a new pump or replace/fix the current pump myself.

All advises are welcome,