Question MSI 1660 S OCing


Feb 27, 2018
I have my 1660s overclocked to +125mhz core, +825mhz vram, 1043 mV and it is working beautifully in my games with only CoD MW crashing if I alt-tab (which is easily worked around). The GPU, according to Afterburner and Riva Tuner, doesn't get above 55-57 C at full load when I have seen in various forums/spec sheet that say it runs at 63 C at load. 1) Can I theoretically raise one, or both, of the clocks for better performance because the card is running cooler?

I also watched a single video about changing the thermal compound on the GPU and that there could be mixed results, since he only tested with one card. I have some Arctic Silver 5 from when I built this rig a few months ago and some Noctua NT-H1 I ordered yesterday to try something different. 2) Would changing the thermal compound help me squeeze some more performance out of the GPU?
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