Question MSI 2080 TI SEA HAWK EK temp issue


Aug 9, 2010
So i recently got the chance to grab a new 2080 ti and i went with the MSI sea hawk EK block. I have a custom loop with the i7-7700K OC to 5.0

I had an Asus gtx 1080 ti also with a EK water block, however my temps on full load with my 1080 ti never exceeded 41C ever no matter what, now with the 2080 ti on full load it gets up to 60c...which is insane, CPU temps are staying about the same with full load on 55C and idle 25c.

I seen some crappy reviews on this card with water leaking and some cards dying after a few months, which im not too concerned about, but why is the temp so high? Are the new chipsets on RTX running hotter?

I also ran Afterburner to keep an eye on the GPU and while gaming and holy crap its all over the place, sometimes it goes to 30c and then spikes to 60c then drops again and so on, Ive never seen that behavior on my 1080Ti, it was always a consent temp while on load and go back to normal while idle which was 30C, it only got 10c hotter while gaming.

Should i send the card back? bad thermal paste or poor contact?

Oh yeah and recently i been crashing on Apex legends and Rainbow six siege, which i never had a problem, but i ran heaven benchmark for an hour with load temps reaching 65C and 29C but never once crashed.


thank you!