MSI 4890 OC driver issue (Help Please)


Jul 15, 2009
My PC Setup is Q6600(g0) stepping, no OC), Gigabyte p35c-DS3R Mobo, 4gb DDR2 memory, X OCZ GameXtream PSU, and etc. with Windows XP Pro 32bit. I recently purchased MSI ATI Radeon HD4890 OC (manufacturer part # R4890-T2D1G-OC). I previously had EVGA 8800 GTS 320mb, so these are the steps that I followed.

-Uninstalled the Nvidia driver from Control Panel
-Removed the Nvidia card -Installed the new ATI card
-Installed the catalyst drivers from the MSI CD, which is an older version than the AMD-ATI catalyst driver

However, when I restarted the computer, after the windows loading bar, the screen went black, so after searching around the forum, I found that it might be the partially left out Nvidia driver. So here are the steps I followed.

-Removed the ATI card
-Installed the old Nvidia card again
-I was able to go into windows, and there, using a driver removal software, I removed the Nvidia stuff that may have been left out.
-Took out the Nvidia card and reinstalled the ATI card
-Installed the MSI drivers from the MSI CD again, it was an up-to-date one according to their website, and it told me to use theirs
-HOWEVER, when I watched movies, and tried to skip scenes, it would freeze the computer... So I tried these steps:

-Installed the AMD-ATI driver this time, since one of the forum mentioned about AMD-ATI driver would be good enough, and it is more up to date.
-I thought everything went fine (I played games on these and watched movies, without the computer freezing, also I tried to OC the card, but brought it back to default, since I was afraid something might happen to it lol...)
-Then suddenly after some time (maybe two weeks), when the computer was turned on, the windows started with catalyst driver failure notification, but I was still able to watch movies and play games on it. The warning didn't come up for days. Then after a week or so, I saw the warning again, but it didn't happen again for a while.

-Above is my situation (too wordy.. sorry) Does anyone know why I get such errors?
-Should I keep the ATI drivers or try the MSI driver again (it did make my computer freeze, when watching movies).
-Is there anything else that I can try?
-Could it be physical defect associated with the card?


What's your current power supply? The 4890 represents a significantly greater power load on your system, so it's possible your errors are being caused by an underpowered system.
First, you should just use the drivers from the ATI site which includes CCC. FYI, Version 9.7 is coming in a few weeks.

It's hard to say if your power supply could be causing the issue. Unfortunately after what you've already done the only thing I can think of is to do a fresh installation of XP with your ATI card.

1) Save all your data, write down important passwords/settings
2) Install XP (FULL install, NTFS)
3) Install the latest motherboard drivers (main chipset)
4) Install the latest ATI drivers
5) Install other drivers etc.

You may wish to download Windows 7 RC 64bit and either wipe out XP and start with it or dual-boot (tricky). Windows 7 RC installs many of the drivers you'd normally install and is more stable. It also helps eliminate something in XP as being an issue.
It MAY be a power issue so please give us the model number of the unit.

In the meantime:
Reset the BIOS to factory defaults to remove any overclock or memory speed changes.

Check Windows is fully updated.

Updated DirectX, you will need to do this manually, it is not updated automatically by Windows Update.

Download the latest drivers again, it is possible you have a corrupted download.

Uninstall ALL your video drivers, restart in Safe Mode and use the driver cleaner software then power down and take out the power lead for a minuet.

Reconnect, restart and reinstall the driver suite.


Jul 15, 2009
Thank you all for the input~
I accidentally left out the PSU part.

It's OCZ 600w Gamextream.

I guess I'll try reformatting... but any other way that I can try?