MSI 660 ti one fan spinning


Aug 6, 2012
Last night I happened to look in my case of my newely built machine and noticed that one of the MSI 660 ti's fans was not spinning but like rocking back and forth.

I am pretty sure they were both spinning when I first put it in the case, but I am wondering if perhaps at first they both spin when computer first starts and then stop or rest until mroe cooling is needed.

I am at work, so I will restart the computer when I get home and check to see if both spin on start up,

but perhaps someone could confirm if this is the case or not,

and if the fans are always suppose to spin then how would I fix this problem? Do I have to RMA the card? or is there possibly something I can do to make it work... maybe the fan is set weird in some control panel somewhere, I dont know

thansk for any ideas


Jun 23, 2011

I bought one on Saturday and am having the same problem. I thought that maybe it was a feature to limit power consumption when not needed but I turned the fans to 100% in Afterburner and it still doesn't spin. I'm going to attempt to exchange the card for a new one.

Edit: I contacted MSI and they suggested that the fan is faulty and that I should exchange the card or RMA it.