MSI 660 twin frozer oc 2gb / gigabyte HD 7870 oc / sapphire hd 7870 oc


Jan 20, 2013
Im building new PC.

I read tons of benchs and reviews till i come to the selection of these 3 graphic cards.
I just want to know which one is less noisy and better performing in term of newest catalyst drivers on HD series vs 660 frozer non ti.
Price of these is relatively the same in my country.
Please guys help me do the right decision or at least share your experrience. Thanks
(preffered games - BF 3, Arma II, Witcher 2)


Dec 9, 2012
The Radeon HD 7870 sets a new standard for what i expect from a sub-$300 GPU. With performance kissing the heels of AMD's own Radeon HD 7950 and the GeForce GTX 660 Ti, this card represents one of the best enthusiast-oriented values we've seen. A recent price drop makes it hard to recommend those more expensive cards because the extra speed they offer is relatively minor compared to what you'd need to pay for them.

SAPPHIRE is THE best card maker out there with super silent yet powerful twin fans cooler optimized for overclocking