MSI 760GM-E51 (FX) AMD 760G (Socket AM3+) Motherboard. HELP!!


Dec 18, 2011
Please Help! This is my first ever build and have purchased the MSI 760GM-E51 (FX) AMD 760G (Socket AM3+) Motherboard, so I can buy the new AMD FX-6100 CPU. I have heard a lot of scary stuff about this CPU and that if you dont have an older processor, you cant access the up to date BIOS needed for the Processor. As this is my first build, I do not have a spare processor, and I am anxious to know if it will be fine if I turn my PC on for the first time!

By the way, what is BIOS? I know it is like a start up process where you install all your drivers but was just wondering.



BIOS stand for basic input output system the most common setting in computers where you adjust your whole pc configuration e.g you can set a password on your computer from bios section.

When the PC starts up, the first job for the BIOS is to initialize and identify system devices such as the video display card, keyboard and mouse, hard disk drive, optical disc drive and other hardware. The BIOS then locates boot loader software held on a peripheral device (designated as a 'boot device'), such as a hard disk or a CD/DVD, and loads and executes that software, giving it control of the PC.[2] This process is known as booting, or booting up.

those listed mobos are old take a look of 9 series.