MSI 7870 hawk vs Sappgire 7870 XT Tahiti LE


Feb 14, 2012
So i went to the store and was so excited to buy the MSI 7870 Hawk Ed. but they were out of stock. When i came back home browsed around i just found out theres a new line of 7870's. Has anyone heard or read and good reviews or benchmarks on these new 7870s? I was looking at the Sapphire 7870 XT which is only $10 more than the MSI Hawk.
The 7870 LE is comparable to the 7950 its more expensive because it is a gimped or skinned down version of the 7970. So I don't think that is a bad option for you. I would check out this review it explains it for you but yea they are rather different cards.


Oct 29, 2011

Exactly, people are mostly waiting for the 8000 series now which will probably be coming out somewhere around march-april. The new 7870 XTs are great cards, especially the sapphire version which offers great cooling. If you really need a card now, go for it, or you can hang on a few months and check the 8000 series. I've seen the 8870' specs, and I have to say, it sounds like a winner.