Question MSI 970 SSD no boot win 10

Jan 17, 2021
There is another person that has the same problem I do with my MSI 970. It will not install Windows on SSD that I previously used before the only difference between his story and mine is I DID get win 10 to install on an SSD when it was brand new then I tried to fix a few problems in BIOS because my graphics card wasn't overclocking like it should have. erase everything and started over only to have no luck reinstalling Windows 10 his story was like reading my story out of a book the only way I got it to load Windows 10 the first time was as a new device anddownloading Windows 10 off someone else's computer.
The first time I did not put it on raid I simply went with the default IDE tried to install but wouldn't. Then switch to raid and Legacy instead of UEFI KADOOM Windows 10
but like I said this was the first attempt with brand new SSD seemed more andmore like a fluke than anything
I know how he feels I've been through every tutorial there is and not one of them shows you the setup process with an SSD. They tell you is it it should boot up the windows immediately this is not true maybe my board is too old but it has USB 3 on it so??????????????