Msi a320m pro vh plus vs msi a320m gaming pro

Aug 13, 2018
Hey there!
Im confused between these two mobo and as im on a very tight budget.
CPU= Ryzen 5 2400g
No gpu
Ram = 2x4gb ddr4 2400mhz
Motherboard = confused between them
Hard disk(500gb) and ssd(120gb)
You should go with neither.
Get a 400 series motherboard like the MSI B450M PRO-M2 or ASRock B450M-HDV.
A 300 motherboard needs a BIOS update to be compatible with that 2nd gen Ryzen.
If you get a 300 series motherboard, you might need to get a compatible CPU, update the BIOS, then install the Ryzen 5 2400g...could be very inconvenient.
I think it is worth it.
Sometimes a little bit more could save you from issues later on. I would still consider going with a 400 series motherboard.
But it is up to you, if it's worth paying more for an extra system fan connector, support for m.2 disks (PCIe & SATA), LED connector, debug LED (to troubleshoot issues), and a DVI port.




Depends on your priorities. Basically, if you pay $15 more for the Gaming Pro, then, you will get:

- A red-themed motherboard with Red LED ambient lighting (the Pro-VH Plus is Black/Gray with no ambient lights)
- An RGB LED strip header that supports Msi Mystic Light Sync (the Pro-VH Plus also has a LED strip header, but only supports single color LED strips)
- Same number of SATA ports (4x), but, two are specially oriented in 90 degrees for better cable routing
- An M.2 slot (the Pro-VH Plus has no M.2 slots)
- A DVI-D output port, apart from the HDMI and VGA ports (if for some reason you will not use any dedicated GPU) (the Pro-VH Plus only have the HDMI and VGA ports)
- An additional fan header, for a total of 3 (the Pro-VH Plus only has 2)
- An LPT header (if for some reason, you are still using old/legacy printers)

Are the above features worth $15? Only you can tell based on your wants and needs.

For more information, you can compare all detailed specifications of the motherboards you are eyeing to buy in this link: