Info MSI Afterburner auto fan setting dropped my temps by 10 degrees

Nov 3, 2019
Not sure if anyone will find this helpful, but on my Nvidia RTX 2080 Super the fans were barely spinning up past 40% even when the card was close to 80 degrees (Celsius of course). I'm not sure of the stock fan curve it has without using any programs...It would sit right around 77-78 degrees when gaming when I first monitored it with Afterburner and this is with the stock clocks, no OC'ing and I don't plan to. One click dropped my temps by 10 degrees on this card and I now see an absolute max of about 71-72 and it likes to sit right at about 69 degrees. All I did was click the fan tab/slider toward the bottom so it is highlighted and uses Afterburners auto fan curve instead of it's own. The fans now ramp-up a bit more. I went into the fans tab in settings and selected default where it says custom as well, but I don't think that is necessary. Selected the at start-up option and start with windows option in the settings and we're good to go. I don't know if this is something everyone knows, but I just built my first rig as a casual gamer and I'm really glad I found this out. Keeps me more at ease with temps and just wanted to pass the info along to others who may be very new with these things as well.