Question MSI Afterburner causes some trouble, any idea how to fix it?


I use MSI afterburner Version Beta 3. Currently I have set up two profiles for MSI afterburner:

Profile 1: Stock settings of my video card at 100% power limit
Profile 2: Stock settings of my video card at 115% power limit

The other day I played around with some overclocking and curve adjustments. I did an accidental curve adjustment increasing overall voltage and must have saved it without noticing. I was playing cyberpunk 2077 and my computer was running incredible hot, the videocard back plate got very hot, almost to hot to touch. But the GPU clocked 15MHz lower than usual. That is when I noticed the change profile. I instantly deleted all profiles. Also the profile files in the Afterburner installation folder. Restarted and set up the Profiles as described above.

But now, every time after a restart the profile 1 in Afterburner shows with "Curve" for GPU clock and +200 for Memory clock. This is not a setting or profile I ever saved (unless accidental some time ago when experimenting around). But it keeps coming back even after deleting profiles (including the files in the "profiles" folder.

What the heck is going on?

At this time I just want to start fresh with Afterburner. Starting of with stock settings.....but it always goes back to this stupid overclock. How to completely reset Afterburner to use stock video cards settings???