Question MSI Afterburner ignore Fan Speed at 72-75°C


Jan 19, 2018

My GPU Fan is currently living its own life in a way. I set up GPU Curve on MSI Afterburner for 70% Fan Speed between 65-80°C. However always when it hits 72-74°C (Which it has never gone above) it always goes full blast or at least higher than the set speed. As the fans start to sound like a jet plane. Does Afterburner ignore the curve above a certain temp or is it something else.

I do not know why it overwrite my speeds as it is a clean install and I have Afterburner and Armoury Crate as software and as far I know Armoury Crate don't work with GPUs which is why I installed Afterburner.
Anyone know what can cause this or am I missing something about the software.

2080ti Asus
Win 11
Jan 14, 2023
I would just suggest not overclocking anything because it could potentially mess up everything and the fan speed should be turned off or automatic. Id also uninstall Armoury Crate just incase.