Question MSI Afterburner not saving manual settings ?

Raikko Kiminen

Sep 11, 2019
Hello everyone. I've been using the MSI Afterburner almost 3 years now and I can't understand one thing. When I had the RX 590, I could manually type ANY number for core clock, like 1560 or 1561 or 1559 or whatever, and that profile would be saved as THAT FIXED NUMBER. Same goes for the voltage. However, now with the 1080 Ti things are MUCH different because the sliders have different purpose. On the AMD side sliders show the final number of the core clock, while on the NVIDIA side slider shows how much is invisible number representing core clock increased, so there is only "+0" instead of "1560" like it's shown for the RX 590.

For this reason I have to use "CTRL+F" curve editor to see core clock and voltage - HOWEVER - settings made there ARE NOT KEPT THE WAY THEY ARE SET!!!

My 1080 Ti runs perfectly when set at 2023MHz in curve editor. As soon as I apply the settings made that number changes to 2025MHz. Okay.......but then on the next startup, when I apply that custom profile, that number changes to 2037MHz at which the system is unstable and crashes. Alternatively, it changes to 2012MHz but still...WHY DO THESE CHANGES HAPPEN??? Why can't I just have the numbers that I have specifically set? It is so frustrating to have to fix the profile on each startup...