MSI afterburner only records 1 second.


Nov 18, 2012
Hello people,
I wanted to start making videos on youtube of crysis and Payday the heist, but when i press the recording key it says it is recording on the top right and everything seems ok. When I go to the spot on my hard drive, I find it , i play it with windows media center and the video only lasts 1 second when I recorded for 5 minutes. I tried to record again, without compressing the file, but I didn't even see it on my hard drive. Can anyone tell me why it it only records for 1 second and where the other video files went? Any help would be appreciated! :ouch:


Aug 19, 2011
Which version are you using?V2.3.0 is the latest.Try saving your recorded videos to a different folder.Try assigning a different key for recording.Check all the settings are correct ie if you having been recording with too high quality or the recording format is left blank (sounds silly,but just in case check if it's left blank :) ). Try running with compatibility set to run with modified Direct3D runtime libraries in the 'Riva Tuner Statistics Server Technology' window(there are two minimized icons - one with a little pink number on top left and one without,click the one with the pink number to access the MSI On-Screen Display Server and then click on the wrench icon).Try checking if sound capture is enabled or not(optional) and also,try playing the recorded file with VLC Media Player.Also,check the size of the recorded file if you find it after selecting a different folder.And finally,post here if you have any further issues.Hope this helps.:)