Question MSI afterburner power limit only works intermittently?


Aug 30, 2017
I made an undervolt profile for my 3080 FE to save the memory from cooking itself over time but the dang thing won't stay applied. Even though MSI afterburner launches on boot I have to manually select the profile each time which is annoying but the real issue is the power limit only works half the time. I've been testing the undervolt with Dying Light 2 maxed out RT on and I'll be playing for an hour or so and suddenly the fans ramp up and when I look at wattage in HWinfo it will be up to almost 320w from the ~275w it had been running fine at for a solid amount of time.
How and why is it ignoring the power limit I've applied??

I have it set at 900mV and 1980mhz and 92% power limit. Stock it would hit 2055mhz at 1025mV. No crashes or anything, just the power limit not sticking.
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