Question MSI Afterburner shows Power %, and Memory clock spiking to max while idle and during games

Sep 9, 2020
Hello, so MSI Afterburner shows that my "Power, %" and "Memory clock, MHz" are randomly spiking to max at the same time, it very predictably happens when I open any program, and occasionally from idle. The GPU seems fine, normal temps for idle, when gaming before this I had what I believe to be avg temps under load for the hardware and case I have. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is this normal?

I am a casual user, only use my pc to web browse, and play games. I have had the pc for over a year, never felt the need to download MSI Afterburner since I don't OC, but decided I wanted to set a fan curve, so I downloaded it, set a fan curve, and am seeing this info.

I have never had any issues with the build, but I would assume this has been happening for a while? Unless MSI Afterburner caused it?(Heavily doubt) or my fan curve did?(Also doubt) Fan curve is just a 10 to 10, 40% fans at 40 degrees C and so on.

After I noticed, I attempted to launch Borderlands 3 and it crashed during launch with a error message I've never seen. I have been playing it for a while with no issues, so that could be a fluke I suppose. World of Warcraft loaded up with no issues and played fine. Have not done any gaming since then. Not sure if my PSU is not sufficient? Any advice is appreciated!
Here are the specs, and some screen shots with explanations of what was going on at the time.

GPU - Evga 2070 XC

CPU - Ryzen 2700x

Motherboard - Asrock x470 Taichi

PSU - Corsair RM750x

RAM - 16g, 8x2

Storage - 1tb Samsung 860 SSD

Case - NZXT H500i

Monitors - Dual monitors, I have a Acer XB240H 144hz (bought off friend unsure of what to link) and a Nixeus 144hz monitor

Any advice is appreciated in regards to the build, this was my first and all my knowledge is just picked up online.

Here are screenshots and short descriptions of what I was doing at the time.
Launched borderlands 3, crashed during launch - View:

WoW BFA in game - View:

This is opening a chrome window from Idle - View: