Question MSI Afterburner with ASUS Graphic Card

Mar 9, 2019
I'm an owner of "ASUS STRIX GTX 970 DirectCU II OC", and I want to overclock it.
I read all basics about how the methodology of OC gfx works, as well how to use MSI Afterburner.
I'm using "ASUS" manufacturer gfx card, and at the beginning I used designed "ASUS GPU Tweak II" (v.1961) software for it. However this software disallows me to change option: "Power Limit (%)" completely, and has no option to modify the "Temp Limit" at all - which "MSI Afterburner" (v.4.6.0) has. I tried to find the unlocker for that option in settings (for ASUS GPU Tweak II), but such is only available for overvoltage. It's also cause some BSOD when I used MSI Afterburner to change "Power Limit" to higher value first, close the program, then go back on "ASUS GPU Tweak II" (sic). So I'm guessing it's crucial to only use one.

I would prefer to use the "ASUS GPU Tweak II" but it seems pointless when I have no access to change settings. Any idea why does it happen?

If it comes to "MSI Afterburner" I'm not sure what options from the list I should choose next to "[v] Unlock voltage control" in Settings/General TAB. Options available on the list:
  • reference design
  • standard MSI
  • extended MSI
  • third party
Which should I choose for my ASUS manufacturer gfx card model?
I know that option "extended MSI" is an unique feature for MSI gfx which unlocks the triple overvolting (core voltage, memory voltage, aux voltage) available only with Lightning, Hawk or Power Edition models. So this one I can exclude for sure as it's not designed for ASUS. But about 3 other options? I didn't find any information.