MSI Aims Wide With Six GTX 1060 GPUs

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Dec 5, 2015
I recon the colour really matters if you can see it in a case window. This time around with pascal i have to say that their twin frozer vi is one of the best, if not best solution out there to fit in almost any case( especially itx) low noise temperature well in the limits and size is just right.... I have around a 970 twin frozer a gtx 960 strix and the msi 1070 with twin frozer and i have to say i am amazed of the cooling power of it and keeping noise down under load.


Aug 29, 2007
Could Tom's please highlight these cards outlines plugged in on a motherboard? I'm more concerned about being able to use the slots next to them.
I miss low-profile single-slot cards ever since my 8800GT died. I can still fit a PCI soundcard/legacy-gameport together with my new Radeon 7850, but there's so little clearance that I'm worried about air circulation to these oversized fans, and I unplug the 7850's power while using the gameport, relying on my intel integrated graphics for old flightstick games.

Unfortunately no, we could not. The way PCI/PCI-E slots are placed on a motherboard varies from one board to the next. This is a fairly standard dual-slot cooler. I could probably find a dozen motherboards that I can place this GPU in without it covering up another port, and I could probably find twice as many that it would cover a port. It all depends how the motherboard is laid out.
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