Question MSI Air BOOST Vega 56 crashing (BlackScreen +100% Fan Speed, BSOD, System Freeze)

Jul 25, 2019
Hey everyone,
I recently (feb 2019) bought and put together my very first build. Unfourtunatly it aint working flawlessly :p.

This is the system:
Ryzen 2600X
16 GB G.Skill Aegis DDR4 - 3000
B450 MSI Gaming Plus
Corsair CX 750W Bronze

Everything except the PSU is new.

So the problem I am encountering is that when playing graphically demanding games (GTA V, Tomb Raider), the pc tends to run unstable. sometimes it takes 30 minutes to crash, sometimes it manages to not crash in a 6hrs+ gaming sessions no problemo. Whenever it does crash it does one of three things: 1) BSOD ("thread stuck in driver") 2)Black Screen with the fans going up to 4k+ rpm 3)The whole system freezes and wont unfreeze, so i gotta use the power button to restart. When searching for anwers on why my system is crashing i found out that this is not a uncommon problem with this card. even on the site i bought the card there is some people having the same issues.

So here is the real kicker and also the reason i am asking for your help: I tried to RMA the card, but it was sent back since "they" couldnt reproduce my issues and didnt see anything wrong with it. this is where i would ask you guys for help: does anybody know how to eighter fix this issue or how to make the card crash consistantly? If I could make the card crash a bunch of times, I might have solid evidence of the card not working as it should.

There is a few things I have tried out already:
Using DDU a few time to uninstall and reinstall drivers.
Reseeding the card
Running "Underclocking" preset in wattman
Only run 1 monitor (DP)
Used 2x6+2 pins from different power cabels
Installed my old GTX 670 (does not crash)

Things I have noticed while using the card:
Card will often crash when it suddenly needs to go up in clocks a bunch (explosions, big AOE spells, etc.)
GPU load goes up and down a bunch when gaming. goes down as low as 50% when playing GTA V. im no longer having 60fps when that happens. GPU load graph in wattman goes all over the place: View:
(green line is GPU load). This is me driving around in GTA V btw. Not sure if that is considered "normal behaviour" for a GPU?
Also the LEDs showind the powerstates of the card aswell as the RADEON LED switch off when a crash occurs.
When crashing to a Blackscreen i am still able to talk to my peeps on teamspeak until I restart the system with the power button

So thats all i've got right now. thx for helping me in advance! =)
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Jul 25, 2019
yep i did use my GTX 670 while i tried to RMA the vega and had zero crashes while it was installed. RMA process took about 1 week. but with that card installed i didnt play any graphically demanding games.

PSU is about 6 years old.
Then most probably the VEGA GPU might be faulty/defective. Did you overclock this card though ? Your PSU is showing signs of age though. But if other cards work fine on your PC, I won't jump to any conclusion that your power supply might be the culprit here.

First, try playing some Graphic demanding Games on the GTX 670......IF the system is stable, then most likely the issue lies somewhere else.
Jul 25, 2019
sorry for the late answer.

the card is not overclocked.
what do you mean with signs of age? :D =) you mean its just old?

will try to RMA the card again, will see how that goes :D