Question MSI B450 EZ debug VGA light on, and no signal to display after plugging in USB ?

Feb 8, 2021
Edit: the system booted normally just now, a day after resetting the BIOS, with the backup GPU installed. I'm going to assume that was the problem and go from there.


Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I haven't been able to find info on my specific problem here or elsewhere, so I hope this isn't a repeat topic.

I was juggling some peripherals to my PC (I had unplugged my oculus CV1 and sensors to add an HDMI and DVI display alongside my existing DP monitor). I went to move my USB webcam from the case top to one of the ports in the back freed up by taking out the rift sensors and the second I plugged it into that port, my screens all blacked out and I haven't been able to get a signal to them since.

On the software side I had just installed a new graphics driver update (I can't recall if I had restarted since then or not). I was also in the middle of installing a large Steam game and had Wallpaper engine now running on all 3 displays, so both my CPU and GPU were under moderate load at the time.

When I turn on my PC, the CPU fan and all case fans spin, my case RGB lights come on, but the EZ Debug VGA light glows white indicating a problem with the display adapter. Also, the RGB lighting on my USB mouse does not come on, which makes me think than when plugging in the webcam I may have shorted something that affected the USB and PCIe slot. Since I have a Ryzen CPU with no onboard graphics I can't even get to a BIOS screen, much less boot in safe mode, roll back my graphics driver, or any other things I would want to try on the OS side without some kind of GPU. Since I have a micro-ATX board with only one 16x slot, I can't move the GPU around to see if it's the slot.

Things I've tried with no result:
-Swapping out my 1070 for a GT 1030 I had stored and worked fine last time it was used.
-Unplugging and replugging each individual display on DP, HDMI, and DVI one at a time while the PC is running.
-Reseating the RAM/unplugging one or the other stick before booting.
-Resetting the UEFI both by jumper and by removing the CMOS battery for 10 minutes.

Since I have no spare MB laying around and no spare money either at the moment, I want to know if there's a way for me to troubleshoot my MB in general and my PCIe slot specifically without swapping in a different MB, or if my MB is likely toast and I need to look out for a new one as soon as I can afford it.

My specs:
-Ryzen 5 2600
-MSI B450m Pro M2
-Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 mhz 2x8Gb
-GTX 1070 FE
-EVGA 550 watt 80+ bronze PSU
-Samsung 970 Evo+ 256Gb NVMe SSD
-2x SATA SSDs and 1x SATA HDD

I really appreciate this community and I've found the answers I needed in this forum without making an account many times before this. Thanks in advance for any help you can lend.
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