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Question MSI B450 Gaming Plus red CPU led Ryzen 3600X and 1200 AF

Jun 29, 2020
im building new computer but it won't tur on.
I have no display image
mouse and keyboard no led.
and CPU led on motherboard is RED
I was building MSI B450 Gaming Plus with AMD Ryzen 3600X.

I thought i should update bios, and i got a Ryzen 1200 AF to update BIOS, but i have same issue. i think all componentes are oki.

someon knows if 3600X and 1200 AF need and update both?

i've done CLEAR CMOS
i've tried with Nvidia 2060



MSI B450 Gaming Plus - CPU Support List
Neither the Ryzen 1200 nor the 3600X have integrated graphics. You will need to have the RTX 2060 installed, powered correctly and the display connected to it's output in order to boot up your system.

The Ryzen 1200 (not familiar with an "AF" version) should be compatible with the initial BIOS version 7B86v10. Compatibility with Summit Ridge processors is not lost when updating the BIOS (only Bristol Ridge processors/A-series APUs).

-Wolf sends
I thought i should update bios, and i got a Ryzen 1200 AF to update BIOS, but i have same issue.
You didn't actually even need another CPU to update the BIOS with. The MSI B450 Gaming Plus has a "Flash BIOS Button", as shown on its product page, allowing the BIOS to be updated even without a compatible CPU installed. You just need to put the BIOS files on a flash drive and press the button on the back panel...


Edit: And here's a short video showing how the update process works...

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTkXunUAriE
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Jun 29, 2020
Double check your power connections like xristos_ziar said. I just completed a build Using MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC / R5 1600 AF / SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 5600 XT / 32 GB RAM.
After assembling the computer, Depressed the power button and nothing happened, mind you i didn't update the BIOS yet. I went in and switched the power button on the MOBO and it fired right up. After that I updated the BIOS using USB and the rig is chugging along like a beast. Good Luck !!