MSI B450 tomahawk CPU debug

Jan 6, 2019
Hello all,

Have a problem with the above, it was intermittent - to the point where I could live with it. As of now it seems to be stuck on the CPU debug light when booting. System :

Ryzen 2400g
MSI tomahawk b450
Corsair vengeance ram 16gb
No gpu
500 w psu

Occasionally when booting the CPU debug light fires up and then nothing. Fans spin - nothing else. Power off wait a bit, normally resolves. Seems stuck now.

What I've tried :

Reset BIOS
Swap PSU out, original was working.
Reseated CPU/memory
Attempted out of case build.
Updated bios

Have tested memory, plus stress tested machine when it boots, both are OK. In fact it's stable under load.

After all of this rma'd board and chip, vendor couldn't find anything wrong. I'm chasing again, as said it seemed to be an intermittent problem, although knowing my luck it'll probably behave when/if tested again.

Has anybody seem anything like this before? I'm leaning towards a motherboard problem, albeit one that's hard to reproduce.

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